For the love of savings

                                                           Image Awe Love, Who loves to save money? Just about everyone right?

Well I’m the frugal mama and you know I do! I do, I do, I do so much so,  that I want to put a ring on savings and marry them! I refuse to spend a lot of money on what is really a half a day, by the time you wake up and get the kids going , on chocolate hearts, and pink flowers. Valentine’s Day is just another day for mom’s to get creative and keep money in your wallets. Last minute gifts can be thoughtful, just personalize them and make them colorful! Kids can create cards at home with a little card stock, glitter glue, markers or crayons that can all be purchased at the 99cent only or Dollar Tree stores! They even have name brand items like Elmer’s glue for quality that will last you into the next holiday and school project. Did it slip your mind to grab something for your child’s teacher, your best friend, mom , pastor or hey, even for Mr.Wonderful?

Never fear, there are discount stores in just about every city like the ones above that I spoke of above. Like cupid’s arrow I’m here to save you so your heart will be filled with the love of bargains! Big Lots also has cute, low priced items and if you don’t have time to do a homemade card, they have valentine cards for 30% of the retail prices of other stores. Foe cheapie deals on flowers try your mom & pop florist but not on Valentine’s Day which is the highest priced day but a day before, if you don’t have picky folk that wont turn their noses up if your a day late, buy the day after for even better savings! Flowers will be still be appreciated, after all they smell good and look pretty, who would disagree? A day late but a dollar saved for you! You can also get on my favorite sites: Groupon or Livingsocial which has deals from 1-800-FLOWERS.COM  and ProFlowers and ProPlants for only $15 you get $30 worth of merchandise. 

Chocolates, yummy, rich and creamy chocolates! They can be expensive if your on a Godiva or fancier hype, otherwise you can find some great chocolates that your Valentine will be more than sweet on! Ghiradelli has an outlet in San Leandro and you can find a ton of treats there for less. Retail drug stores like Walgreens also have coupons in their ads for all holiday goodies. Just today I found some last minute Russell Stover chocolate cluster hearts in flavors like red raspberry, and dark chocolate red velvet for only 39cents each with the store coupon! Very thrifty and a nice little something to give the kids or even a treat for yourself.  Another tip is again, buying a day after and most stores have bins with all the same items for 75% off, you can stock up and give to those on a belated note. To me it’s the thought that counts, especially accompanied by a hug and a kiss. If your loved one isn’t into sweets, or roses always try a discount department store like Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, or Ross for a multitude of items including cologne and perfume for way less than Macy’s or Nordstrom. Smells good to me. Enjoy your day of romance and frugality!

Smooches! , Cynthea


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