Coupon Cop-Outs?

We all know that those coupon shows like “Extreme Couponing”, and Extreme Cheapskates, don’t film in places like California. Typically, California is not a well known state for the doubling of coupons as they do on those shows in Midwest states that they feature. Midwestern states and down South states tend to reap the “real” deals and contain stock piles worth thousands! Californians are savers, there are some very thrifty folks in this state , such as myself the EastBay Frugal Mama, however our part of the U.S does not get to use coupons the way some people do in other parts of the country. There is not enough store competition like on the East Coast and in the South. We have chains like Safeway, Albertson’s  (Lucky), FoodsCo,Ralph’s  and Food Maxx, which does not max out to many stores in all of California. Many of our consumers, quite as kept have began grocery shopping in discount stores that aren’t even coupon takers such as, 99cent only store, BigLots, and the Dollar Tree chain. Although Kmart in Clovis, California does accept up to five coupons per purchase of $25 and up, many stores in the Golden State do not accept more than one coupon per item in a single transaction. Kroger stores who owns Ralph’s in Southern California did away with doubling in 2012! I’m surprised they even did it up to then. You get the rare places. I have even been surprised of going into a store such as Safeway and having a store coupon for an item and a manufacturer’s coupon and both of them working simultaneously! Wow, is that a double miracle! Ooh wee, East Bay Frugal Mama feels like a gazillion bucks when that happens! Savings Euphoria!!! It’s best to cross your fingers and just see if it happens… Safeway does , and not by surprise has an extensive rule list of 29 items on their Coupon Acceptance Policy. I was a little taken aback by it , however not intimidated. I will still fiercely shop there with coupons always in tow. The Extreme Coupon show drama that I learned of was what through me for a loop or two! I was unaware of the “CONTROVERSY.” I watched the show when I could mentally taking notes, while always silently wishing that I could live in Ohio, just to shop for my family’s groceries.. The show actually bent rules while camera’s rolled! Stores with policies on “NON” Doubling of coupons merely would do it exclusively for the “show.” Shopper’s were allowed to actually use coupons for items they (did not) actually “buy” and they made exceptions if there was a church on an episode ,letting rules go out the window because they were doing a good deed for needy people! So in “good faith”, the producer’s were lying to us because it made for good “T.V.” Ooooookaaaaay, very interesting. This certainly changes the way I look at reality t.V, and the grocery industry as a whole. Well EastBay Frugal Mama knows who to really trust! My own cheap , trusty instincts , and all else will fall in to place accordingly. Happy Savings Sweeties, Until Next time! 




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