My life remains an open book…

                                                                    Image My desire to want to be a writer came early. I was about five or six years old when I knew my future destiny. I was immediately drawn to books and stories after many visits to the library. Every time my mother or teachers would take me to the library my imagination was ignited and my spirit felt free when I touched the pages and climbed into other realms inside them. I was alive for reading and felt that I could create stories just as those writers had done for me! I began to feel one with a paper and pen. More than thirty years later, I feel the exact same euphoria when I read, write, or create imagery in my mind fit to be published or shared. I am a creative creature by nature. Singing, dancing, scrapbooking, clipping coupons and being FrugalMama extraordinaire is a real part of who I am and I love it!  I’ve recently fell back in love with an old friend of mine. (My book ). My book “College Life” was originally written by me, by hand in 1989. I was in the 9th grade on my way to high school. I am a Facebooker, with over 500 friends, many of them former classmates of mine from middle school onto college. Many of those folks were people who were privy to reading my book way back then and have to my delight loved it. Those friends, or classmates were highly engulfed in my story,partially because it was based loosely on my life . They could also identify with the characters! They were  young, hip , and everything “teen” at that time. I have always appreciated the praise that came with that book being passed around. That heightened my confidence and has boosted my love for the written word ever since! 

                                                           We were using typewriters back then, my mom bought me a Brother name brand one and I thought this is it! I will be a writer, or journalist of some sort. I was never big on technology , even later with computers and still prefer writing free hand. I feel that my thoughts come out more fluidly, and  more in synch with each page. My deepest passion is to be published someday! I want Image my work in a major magazine, blog, and to have a book published. I love to write and I know I have a lot to learn about the craft, however I feel that everyone deserves to live the dreams that they have held since childhood. Don’t get me wrong I am loving being a mom, and blogging, and learning new techniques every single day but having a book published will be a huge accomplishment! I have had articles, and reviews published in my college newspaper, and newsmagazines and am still gaining momentum on having other pieces published . I am practicing my craft right now with you lovely folks, its just a matter of time where all things unfold. I unfold my feelings in my stories. In my book “College Life” which I revised in 1991 unleashed many emotions that I was personally feeling at the time. The main female character had a crush on former- University of Michigan player Sean Higgins. He was my real life “crush” at that time, which I ended up meeting in real life in my early 20’s. He actually asked me out in “real” life, so there! You never know how true those words on paper can mirror actual life! I deeply believe in the power of words and in my passion and have not let go of it! I recently posted a photo of my binder which held the contents of  the 182 paged “College Life” novel that I wrote and I had over 15 comments, many questioning “Are you going to re-write it?, or publish it?”, and many comments on how they “remembered it, or loved it!”. I am extremely proud and flattered as I was back in 1991. Who knows what will happen with it ? I don’t, but I do know that my life , meaning (my words) in prose are still an open book. As my book remains to be in the Creator’s hands and publishing awaits I still hone my craft and keep being that same curious little girl who fell in love with story books. In the words of “Terry Brooks”, “This is for writer’s yet to be published who think the uphill climb will never end, keep believing. This is also for published writer’s grown jaded by the process, remember how lucky you are.”   Indeed.  Until next time, Smooches ~


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