Why I may stop going to hair salons…after today

Women, let’s face it, we are obsessed with looking good! There is not a morning that we wake up concerned about beauty! How to improve what we already have to make ourselves more beautiful and going to the salon to get our hair done is just one of them. Aside from how our makeup, nails, and bodies look, our hair and how nice it is, is paramount to how we feel about ourselves! A little over two years ago I stopped going to get my hair done and opted for a beautiful braided hairstyle which I loved. I decided to let my chemical relaxer grow out and take a long break from paying over $100 each visit to a professional salon. African American hair care is very expensive! The relaxers, hair weaves, elaborate styles and coloring. I had my hair braided in a salon and even that service was $160! The plus was that I could keep them up for months and save in that manner. FrugalMama will save in any area possible! My peeve with salons and this isn’t a diss to my people or my sisters who own them but it just takes way too long ! The service is an all day thing or it becomes certainly a half a day one. When booking an appointment make sure you have nothing else planned for the entire day and some one to pick your children up from school. It seems like even if I have booked an appointment with a fast stylist , it always takes longer because all of the distractions. Folks coming into the salon, the phone keeps ringing and she has to answer it? Today, it was a relative in the chair ( I could tell) being serviced 10 minutes before my set appointment! I was “early” and still had to wait. I understand that things happen in salons that are out of the stylists control but come on! Flat iron your cousins hair after all your appointments are taken care of ! I may be venting a little because I would prefer to not have to go anywhere and let a stylist come to me on a house call, however a little more time management and consideration for clients please! Don’t get me wrong I love getting all prettied up at a shop and the whole experience of coming out looking like a million bucks but after I spent almost that I want more!the service is turning out good and I am comfortable . Even with that being said , I may stop going to hair salons, well definitely not as often because after all a girl’s hair is still her crowning glory!


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