Almost murdered by FOOD TRUCK MAFIA …

Image Ladies, can I get a show of hands for those of you who that are working moms who grind on that 9 to 5 and have to come home exhausted and prepare dinner and sometimes dessert, for a husband or mate and a clan of kids? A clan in my eyes is two or more , and I have two. Well girls, I sympathize and am rowing in that same crowded boat in that same stream with ya! 

Man at home who cannot cook a solid meal, or is just too lazy to attempt to.? Check! A man who would much rather wait on you to bring in take out because he can barely handle the kids at the house , let alone order, get in the car and pick up dinner?  Check! 

This was my story yesterday.  The day I was almost murdered by the Food Truck Mafia. I got back to my EastBay suburb from the City close to 7 pm , tired from work and the sardine Bart train commute which I seldom experience, hardly in the mood to cook a full on dinner to say the least! I drove down Davis Street toward my home anxious to kick my shoes off and relax, only to feast my eye on EUPHORIA!  A perfectly squared caravan of deliciousness! The Food Truck Mafia had invaded San Leandro!  Come to find out, this was here every Tuesday evening. I was both surprised and excited to see this set up. Dinner was served! The truck that first caught my eye was “Bouriquen Soul”, Puerto Rican food! I had been yearning to taste the goodness from this restaurant truck from months past when I spotted the ad on GROUPON on from my smartphone. My boyfriend who is half Puerto Rican also wanted to try this delicacy. We were going to make a date night of it! Image I heard that they had a spot in Downtown Oakland, but tonight they were in my town and what better time than the present to try this food, is what I was thinking… Turned out to be the worst idea I had had all month! After I parked my car and approached the truck, the line was a mile long! I thought at first, “it must be really good, everyone is in this line, compared to all the other truck lines.” “Damn, should I stand in it or just go on home?”, “but I’m already here, and I do NOT feel like cooking tonight period!” All these thoughts churning in my little head. Finally, I decide “Oh, forget it, I’ve already stood here, it should go by fast, it’s a food truck right?, it’s not like anyone’s ordering a well done filet mignon?” I stood there and stood there engaging in small talk with other hungry people in line. “Oh my God, this food better be worth all this!” I’m tired, hungry, getting cold, slightly have to pee and more importantly, my family at home is probably starving like Marvin! 

EastBayFrugalmama did not like to disappoint , but my cheapskate instincts were not on point yesterday! After all how much would I fork out on food trucks, even without a GROUPON? Should I have just gone home and thrown that chicken I had in the fridge into the oven with a potato and bagged salad and called it a night?  The “euphoria’ had worn off. Why was I swayed by the sheer look off all the yummy trucks in my town seductively pulling on my vulnerability heartstrings? I was fully taken aback when the Puerto Rican man inside the food truck came outside of the truck , and informed all of us that due to the huge rush from earlier, that their was a “limited” amount of food left. Myself and the 15 other patrons that waited in angst were like, “seriously, you have got to be kidding?” We all had our hearts and stomachs set on some “Bouriquen Soul ” for dinner, specifically that # 1 special! ( The grilled garlic chicken with Bouriquen soul sauce, Puerto Rican rice and beans, and fried plantains. After all , why had we been standing there in the cold for what felt like two hours?!

At this point, I am kind of mad but still managed to behave positively after seeing quite a few folks desert the line after the guy gave us the bad news.They went on to other food trucks , yet I remained “faithful” to trying “Bouriquen Soul.” Come on Food Mafia don’t fail me now!

Maybe, just maybe, they will have enough food to plate up my one” #1 special.” I just wanted my honey to be able to taste the flavors of his heritage !  We would share it , because my man is not  a real big eater. It would suffice, right? I’m too tired to care. At this point I would be grateful for a scoop of each item in that special. I had already decided that my kids would be having tacos from the Mexican truck across the way! Now it’s getting dark and colder, when my boyfriend calls to say, our five year old is “really” hungry now . (Ok, can you get her another snack already!, geez be there in a minute…) To top this entire adventure off, “Thank you HUNGER GODS”, the folks right in front of me ordered up the “LAST” three #1 chicken specials!!! The lovely Puerto Rican man in the food truck doesn’t flinch as he tells me , “there is no more chicken , no more anything that comes with the #1special!! I want to cry, this “cannot” be happening!! Please let this be a bad joke and the guy will be like, “haha, just kidding we have one more chicken meal for you miss!”

Unfortunately, not so! So not the outcome that I intended on having after my hopes were lifted up so high, then demolished so swiftly to the Davis Street ground I was standing on. I just twirled my hair and pretended that it wasn’t that big of a deal, I’d just order something else.. That something else , the only edible thing we could eat was chicken wings, and avocado & tomato salad! What! Fricken chicken wings?? I could have gone to fake meat KFC two hours ago if I wanted “chicken wings”!!! I was so agitated I could spit! I felt like I had been shot in the heart with a bow & arrow (whatever that feels like?).How could they do this to me? They were supposed to have just enough for me and my man! After all he is “Puerto Rican!!” How could they betray us?? We were going to support they’re business by buying a GROUPON!, I held my pee for them!! Haha, not that crucial, however that’s what my tired brain was feeling! I just chalked it up and ordered the darn chicken wings and salad to save face, and to not be faced with a hungry 6 foot man! I painfully paid Mr. Bouriquen Soul and walked over to the next truck, not bothering to look at the name and ordered myself two Korean KimChi chicken tacos. Next, the Mexican truck for my kids food. I felt like I was in the (Twilight Zone).

I didn’t even care how any of the food tasted, I just wanted to go home! Still disappointed, I gathered all four boxes of semi-pricey food. I was shot down from my first San Leandro food truck experience. So much for my desire for ethnic soul sauces and pigeon peas. I was tkilled softly, without warning. I may give them another try someday, but for now I will stick to cooking at home or grabbing Chinese takeout from our favorite (cheap) spot! I should have just waited for date night! I’m good on the thrills and “kills “of the FOOd TRUCK MAFIA!

Until next time, smooches! and stay frugal (unlike myself yesterday…) I have yet to recover (smiles anyhow). 


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