A Mother’s Love

Have you ever heard the saying”If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy?” this is a slogan I’m sure many mother’s have used a time or two as their motto including myself and my mom. Mother’s day is coming up on Sunday and most of us are ready to be spoiled and pampered by our loved ones. Being a mother is a tiresome, thankless job where you can never clock out. It can be the most agonizing position, as well as the most rewarding one! It is one of those God given gifts that swings in a split second from being the most glorifying thing ever, to the most agonizing! My wonderful mother can certainly attest to that! I am her middle daughter. The spicy, feisty black sheep. A rebel with a cause. I have always been the daughter who gave mom a run for her money, or for lack of a better word, a “headache.”
I’m the one with the “mouth” and strong opinion. I wasn’t a bad kid growing up however, I did have my moments where I’m sure my mama wanted to sell me to the highest bidder! A mother’s love is deep, it’s stronger than any amount of money and surpasses all understanding. It seems like no matter what your children do, you will always love them unconditionally. Growing up there were many times when I though my mom couldn’t stand me! Mostly during my teenage years when most mothers and daughters have their greatest fall outs. We were always at odds about something and she would treat me like a little bab y, waiting up when I went out late with friends. She’d embarrassingly yell out ,”Don’t forget you coat, you gon catch double pneumonia!” Of course she would scream this loud enough for the entire block to hear her, jacket dangling in mid air. Call it Southern love, no call it :A mother’s love! My mom is from Louisiana and they have the funniest sayings and doings but most mom’s in general are just concerned about they’re babies! She didn’t want me to catch a cold, and was worried about me. She always did those little annoying things that I wasn’t feeling as a teen but thankfully would later understand when I had kids of my own.

My mom is the most caring, hardworking woman I know! She always made sure we had the best , even on a low income. We would have three hot meals a day, sometimes Southern style which means (big) and mom was just very much into our education and extracurricular activities. She totted us to dance , talent show auditions and made sure we went to church every Sunday! She didn’t have that syrupy, sappy, kiss , huggy, all the time love but my sisters and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that mommy loved us to pieces! We can all remember when mama’s love got “tough” and if it wasn’t that dreaded “whuppin”, it was the that blasted “fuss in” that went on and on like a broken record. My mama was the queen of fuss in on repeat. She would preach until she got tired of hearing herself talk. It was sometimes funny and how ironic that I have adapted my mama’s fuss in style. Oh my God, I listen to myself sometimes and I “sound” just like my mother! I always said , I’d never fuss at my kids like that! I’m sure my babies press invisible mute buttons on me all the time! I have now become the broken record princess! As I look back , I now view those “preachings” as ‘teaching” and am grateful for them. In those” fuss ins” there were jewels of wisdom that I now share with my son and daughter. Valuable lessons that validate the great mother that she was and is. She was doing all of this out of love, pure and simple “love.”

My mother’s love never ceased to amaze me. She’s put up with so much and has asked for so little which in itself is a thing of beauty. Through her selflessness and devotion to her kids, she has taught me how to be a better woman, friend, and mother. Good mothers move mountains and part seas for their children. The sacrifice and dedication toward their everyday growth and development is unparalleled. My co-worker Zaida says of her son who is now in his 30’s. “I cashed out all my PTO benefits so I could pay for his college books, he is now on his way to earning his Ph’d!” We do unthinkable things to ensure the happiness and security of our offsprings. Though a mother and son’s relationship differs from a mother and daughter’s they are both special and unbreakable bonds. The love of a mother is immeasurable. I miss my mom since she moved to Texas and can’t go more than three days without calling her, or her calling me. Even to hear some of the fuss ins ! Those fond memories of how she raised me will always stick dear to my heart. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to be 5 years old again. In a warm bed cuddled up under mama, nestled in the armor of her love. Smelling the cozy, familiar scent, captivated by the lulling sound of her grown up breathing, all was right in the world.

And even if we don’t always get along, knowing that she’s the ” She-Ro” of my life and the best grandma my kiddos could ask for, all still is.


2 thoughts on “A Mother’s Love

  1. angie cherry says:

    That was very well said. You were always a good writer. I remember in elementary school you were good at writing and very creative. Keep doing what your doing. I know I see your pics you share of you and your family. And you seem like your a She-ro too, to your babies. Happy mothers day to you Cynthea!

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