Poem from the past~

I wrote this poem in the early 2000’s and didn’t date it but found it in a ruffled pile of papers, things I wrote finished & unfinished. I decided this evening to post this poem in honor of Dr. Maya Angelou who passed this week. A great poet, writer & humanitarian who I admired for not only her prose but her ability to speak & everyone listen, really listen. I have always admired that trait in her and other women with such strong a voice and to this day, aspire to be…heard
Her work sometimes lacking perspicacity, however will always be works of art to her admirers . A little something I wrote years ago yet still fits in today’s climate of wannabe’s. Please excuse & pardon my use of the word (ass)…this word is now used on tv & radio all day and it’s no secret.


Our pretending asses lying about how far our cash gets us, but all it gets us is
On a train to nowhere.
Do we even care? About the people we pretend to?, fabricating what our men do, just to look better?

Is life all about the cheddar? The next event, how much we’ve spent on Gucci handbags and glasses of Moët . Our pretending asses.

Washing away our dreams just to pass and be like white folks who still poke fun at our wanna be Puff Daddy lifestyles?
We would all die if we didn’t rock the latest designers: Rocawear, SeanJohn, Dolce & Gabbana, a mirror looking in on a hip hop persona.

We always go around in circles like the chrome rims that spin on the Bentley’s of our dreams!

Why can’t we believe that life is something more without the make believe? Our pretending asses. Engulfed in shallow wine glasses, will continue to wallow through

Jungles of ice necklaces, steadily choking us while feeding us the same $1,000 plate fallacy.

As we keep shopping at Saks on credit and traveling to the Hamptons on a dare, nothing is reality. Forever possessed by the Bling.

Rest peacefully Dr. Angelou who inspired me to write poetry & just to write from the heart❤️


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