Listen to your body!

I must admit, I have been a bit lazy with my writing lately. I have not even been brainstorming or contemplating when I was going to even write this post. What I have not been lazy with is in matters dealing with my health! I don’t know what it is about being 39 that stirs up emotions that your getting old and rapidly feel the need to check everything or so called fix everything about yourself as if you’ve already got one foot in the grave. I will be 40 in a few months and this has been commonplace for me strongly as soon as I turned 39. I’ve noticed this with my girlfriend’s as well. This is certainly something I’m sure most women do all over the world. 40 is a milestone ! Reaching that age and looking youthful and vibrant is the ultimate goal, sometimes by any means necessary. The pressure to look young, and thin is an American standard however when a woman is approaching 40 she seems to go a little overboard on maintaining that standard or achieving it. I can attest to all of this. I already look pretty young, most people say that I look like I’m in my 20’s, however i have been going crazy trying to look younger! Buying Retinol cremes, getting facials , using eye anti-wrinkle creme faithfully and slathering my skin with firming lotion! And don’t  even talk about working out! Before I turned 39, I never stepped foot in a gym. Of course I did plenty of walking and occasionally did a workout video but now, I am in the gym at least 3 times a week, walking the marina, (really) using all the tone up accessories that I recently purchased. Kettle bells, hula hoop, hand weights, jump rope. It’s like a light bulb going off and my mind is saying, “Cyn, your going to be 40, step it up girl!” I have never been over a size 10, my entire life except when pregnant with my second child so weight has never been an issue with me, I guess just the notion of being here for 4 decades strikes me as no longer being a spring chicken for sure. It’s funny how we women think about appearance and aging. The men don’t have these kooky thoughts and actions when getting older, or do they? I know there’s midlife crisis in both sexes but 40 year crisis?

It has gotten really bad when it comes to my health and nutrition. Again , I have maintained good health, decent eating habits, not going overboard with sweets, not eating pork or red meat, and drinking more water in recent years than I’ve drank in my entire life. It just seems like at 39 I am anal about what I put in my stomach. Of course they are putting more bad things in the food, and much of it is genetically modified and toxic! This has made me even more cautious of what I am feeding myself and my family. I am now on a low meat diet with lots of fruits and veggies! I read all food labels like a nut, and frequently check natural food websites on what to eat to cleanse my system and battle Cancer. My father was diagnosed with pancreas Cancer. This has been really hard news for our family, but I’ve used it as a positive to train my dad how to eat healthy as I do and also for research purposes. I educate myself and him on Organic eating and on holistic ways in which he can maintain his strength and well being. I have sort of become an advocate toward healthy living! Notice, I said “toward” healthy living. I am certainly not perfect with it! I eat sweets at times ( icecream ) is my favorite, oh, and chocolate chip cookies and I don’t always take my vitamins everyday but I am surely doing pretty darn good! I recently went to my doctor and had all my tests done, a full physical, and overall blood test including looking up my blood type ( never bothered to find that out before). I have been really listening to my body to discern if it needs care. I have these slight reoccurring pains in my side when i get stressed so I had that checked. Turns out its nothing wrong, the doctor said that just may be my spot where my body identifies that I am in a stress mode. Some folks may be the stomach , or they may get a headache or eye twitches when they get stressed out. Just listen to the signs, your body is talking to you, sometimes screaming for you to get that check up, order those natural medicines, or through away the fast food! With age I have learned that it’s not worth the damage that can be happening to your body by being lazy, or complacent. I understand, it’s expensive to eat well, some people may not have health coverage, or are afraid to go to the doctor because of what they may find out. I was afraid too! I may be an exception, being fairly healthy  and active all my life , but with my father’s diagnosis I too was scared. I was just recently spooked when Kaiser advice told me I had to wait for my M.D to call me with my results. The suspense of not knowing that I was A ok killed me! I couldn’t sleep and all sorts of thoughts ran through my mind. Thank God Everything was good and all my numbers were normal including my BMI ! That gym must be working!! Yes, it’s a drag to get older , not being able to splurge on goodies or drink the night away like you used to, but taking charge of good health, wellness beauty and having calm and peace in your life is essential for all ages! 40 is coming and I actually can’t wait! I am feeling great, more confident and self aware that it’s wreaking through my pores!! Celebrities like Cameron Diaz have said ,”I have gratitude. I know myself better. And as far as the physicality of it, I feel better at 40 than I did at 25!” Now that’s what we a want to be saying as we (grow up in numbers) as I say! And I continue to listen to what my body, mind and spirit says , even with my small ears! It all becomes transparent , and to quote George Williams Curtis ” Age is a matter if feeling, not if years”.


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